Light Commercial Drafting & Design


Let's say you've got between one and 100 employees and you need to remodel your existing place of business or you've decided you want to build a new "home" for your commercial enterprise. Kurshinsky Drafting & Design is in your corner! 


We're a "small business" too, so we know what's important and what's realistic for you and your staff. We've been involved in many light commercial projects and just a couple of those are pictured here. Sure, you could go to a top-shelf architectural firm for help, but beware of sticker shock if you do!

Need very professional but equally affordable design and drafting services for your remodel or building project? Then call Kurshinsky Drafting & Design first. 

Our "small business" services are available to your small business. We've also got flexible appointment hours if you'd like to work on your commercial building project after you've closed the doors for the day at your place of business! Please give us a call or drop us a note.

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